Team Fident

About Us

Fident, LLC is a privately owned consulting firm based in Nashville, TN. Founded in April, 2006, our consultants have successfully completed projects across Nashville’s healthcare, manufacturing, retail, music/entertainment, hospitality, and risk management industries. While we have worked in different locations across the United States and Europe, we are dedicated to serving the Nashville market.

Our Team

Team Fident is led by its founding partners April Aden and Larry Powell, who have over twenty-eight years of combined consulting experience. They have consulted with more than 25 different companies located in the Nashville market. Our team is composed of experienced, highly motivated consultants. Some of our consultants work exclusively with Fident, some are seasoned executives who join our team for a project or two before signing up for their next corporate challenge, and some are independent “single-shingles” whose business values and approach are directly in-line with our culture.

Our Approach

We put together the right team of consultants based on our client’s needs, budget, and business culture. One of our founding principles is to always act in the best interest of our clients. If a client’s needs are outside of our service offerings, we refer them to other well-respected firms or individuals. We value long-term, trusted relationships far more than short-term project revenue.