Salesforce Solutions

Repeatable, scalable solutions for complex business/technology challenges

As Salesforce Certified Partners, we have been implementing Salesforce solutions since 2009 across health care, finance, entertainment, risk management, and other industries.  Our projects range from new implementations to analyzing, streamlining, and optimizing existing environments. 

Client Solutions

Comprehensive Operational Platform

Architected Salesforce as a holistic operational platform for a loan fraud identification company experiencing high growth. The solution included Salesforce, AWS, custom cloud external databases, and a dynamic, customized loan processing user interface. Leveraged APIs to integrate with an existing custom platform, custom mail packet generation application, and Implemented a Salesforce lender community to communicate real-time loan fraud statistics to client bank management and for real-time individual loan monitoring.

Hospital EMR Integration for Revenue Cycle Management

Led the transformation of a healthcare company’s existing technology infrastructure to enterprise cloud-based solutions, including Salesforce, Five9, and AWS. Additional functionality included dynamic document creation, automated patient statement generation, payment processing, and seamless external database integration. Implemented two Salesforce communities to communicate real-time value to hospital management and allow self-service for patients to view hospital claims and make payments.

Post-Merger and Acquisition Customer Migration

Utilized Salesforce to migrate an entire customer base from one enterprise software solution to another as part of a post-merger and acquisition effort. The migration included new hierarchical account structure, financial system integration, product/package cross-walks with pricing standardization, automated contract generation with electronic signature, and multiple customer change management communications.

One Solution to Replace Multiple Custom Applications

Replaced multiple legacy, custom in-house applications with Salesforce as the client’s new operational platform. Significantly reduced the company’s existing application footprint and technology spend. Highly utilized Salesforce Platform to extend functionality beyond traditional CRM offerings. Additional solution components included automated agreement generation with electronic signature, cloud telephony with CTI and call recordings, real-time integration with an immense data set, and automated invoicing.

Cleaning and Optimizing a Dated Installation

Analyzed an existing underperforming Salesforce solution and identified areas for growth, automation, repeatability, and scalability. Simplified the application architecture and data model while expanding functionality and usability. Along with Salesforce optimization, led the cleaning and transformation of existing records to the new data model.

Proof of Concept for Software Selection

Led a large cross-functional team through a 90-day sprint to validate Salesforce as a viable solution. As opposed to a lengthy software selection process, the client decided to pursue a pilot program followed by a conference room pilot to best understand fit and potential gaps. The build period focused on continual review by business stakeholders who were empowered to make design decisions. The conference room pilot entailed end-users performing test functions within Salesforce to increase buy-in and change acceptance. A full implementation continued after the selection and included multiple integrations.

Buy and Configure Vs. Build and Maintain

Facilitated a client from spending excess time and spend on a custom-developed client portal. Connected the client’s leadership with other Fident clients who had similar objectives and concerns. Implemented a custom Salesforce digital experience with a priority on fully aligning with the company’s brand aesthetics.

Mobile Solution for Team Members in the Field

Created a Salesforce health care solution focused on increased revenue, metrics, and accountability. An essential requirement was Salesforce as a mobile solution where company representatives could access real-time information and make updates immediately in the field. Transformed an onerous manual reporting process into an automated one trusted by leadership.

Streamline Customization for Reduced Costs and Expansion

Conducted an in-depth Salesforce environment analysis to increase end-user satisfaction and decrease administrative complexities. The analysis included detailed application/interface diagrams, Salesforce object models, security audits, and Salesforce associated cost review. The environment improvements included a 70% reduction in custom objects and significant yearly cost savings.